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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Delayed Motor Milestones

We're back at the consultant Paediatrician today for a review. The problem is still 'delayed motor milestones'. Thank goodness they have given up on the old faltering growth angle.

B is one year and nine months old now. He is pulling himself up to stand, cruising around furniture and walks when led by both hands. However he is still not walking independently. He is crawling well although this is slightly asymmetrical with his left leg lagging behind.

He passed his audiology hearing test and he is on the waiting list for speech and language therapy.

Clinical examination was similar to previous findings with hyper extensible knees, ankle joints as well as mildly asymmetrical brisk deep tendon reflexes. There is no ankle clonus and plantars are down-going. She wants to keep observing him. And see him again at age 2 years. Considering doing creatine kinase enzymes and a CT brain if his motor skills have not made the anticipated progress. I'm happy with the current plan. He should continue physiotherapy.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Swine Flu

I've got a letter this week from the Department of Health recommending children at risk of contracting swine flu aka H1N1 are vaccinated as a matter of priority to protect them from the swine flu epidemic. That's nice.

Your child may qualify if they have one or more of the following conditions and then a long list of conditions. I'm presuming B got in the list under the "children with significant chronic neurological conditions such as children with cerebral palsy"

It's interesting that B has been included without a diagnosis of anything in particular. I'm glad they aren't leaving him out just because he does not have an official diagnosis.