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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Health Clinic

Today B had an appointment at the health clinic.  I had to beg for to see a health visitor because our borough do not offer as many after birth appointments any more. This is a second level referral assessment. I wanted help because B is 10 months old and not yet sitting. But the health visitor gets a bee in her bonnet that B is underweight and refers him for 'faltering growth'. He has dropped down the percentiles but he was a big baby when he was born so there was no way he was going to keep growing at that rate. I'm not concerned about his weight and it frustrates me that they are trying to blame his weight bearing and sitting difficulties on his weight. B is still breastfeeding and eating 3 normal meals a day. He has a good appetite and we can't possibly feed him any more than he has already. They pick up that I've fed him cow's milk before 12 months but there is no evidence of malabsorption stools and normal bowel habits. And no history of vomiting but he does occasionally regurgitate food. I'm pressing home the point that his older siblings were born large babies and then drop down the centiles. This is normal for my babies. I'm saying I'm not overly concerned about his development as he is slightly slower because he is the youngest of three children.

B can't sit without support. He has a straight back but would not sit unsupported in the clinic. He is reluctant to weight bare but will do it if you persevere long enough. When placed on his front he lifts his arms legs and head off the ground but look stranded there making no attempt to crawl or go on his hands and knees. He just looks helpless and beached. He does roll over though onto his back.

He can pick up stuff with is little pincer grasp and finger feeds. Passing objects between his hands and putting his hands in his mouth. B is babbling and we don't have any concerns over his hearing. He is very sociable and happy. He plays with his siblings and has good social interaction.

Due to his faltering growth and gross motor delay she wants to see B again in 8 weeks and do some blood tests. He is going to be tested for celiac and genetic testing for cystic fibrosis. I understand why they want to do this and agree to it.

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