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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Health Clinic

We're back in the health clinic today regarding the motor delay, faltering growth, puffy feet and now iron deficiency anaemia.

B is 13 months now. He has been put on the waiting list for Physiotherapy. He's been taking prophylactic dose of Ironorm for the last week. And been switched to follow on milk instead of cow's milk. He is doing well and eating a normal diet. He's been more "lively" since the last visit. He is now sitting up mostly unaided and can save himself sideways but we're putting cushions behind him just in case he falls backwards. He will now weight bear through is feet if he is held standing. He can roll from front to back and vice versa and get round a whole room this way. He is pushing up onto forearms and kicking his legs. We're happy he has made some progress in the last two months. Caeliac screen result is outstanding

This time I remembered to bring in his sibling's red books. I wanted to prove that both older children dropped down the centiles and are proportionate height for their weight. We're talking about everyone's milestones. A was a bit late he crawled at 15 months and walked at 18 months. L was much quicker. She cruised at 10 months and was walking by her first birthday. We put this down to the fact she was a second child who needed to act fast to get away from her older brother! I reported that I was a bottom shuffler and walked before my second birthday. B's daddy couldn't remember when he walked. I told the registrar that I thought B being left on the floor to play with his siblings was making him lazy and impacting on his development.

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