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Monday, 26 October 2009


We are seen in the dietary clinic today by the dietician. I'm not feeling too happy about this appointment. I'm feeling a bit judged. I know my children are getting a good balanced diet and I don't need a professional to tell me if I'm doing it right or wrong. My feelings are confirmed when the dietician takes one look at B and wonders why we are wasting their time! I do so love being right.

Due to the lack of measurements it's difficult to gather a clear picture of his weight and length history and plotting errors on his chart (apparently). He has decreased in length which is not true! They made a note of his feeding history and we reported a good appetite and a detailed food diary. His diet is nutritionally balanced and varied. The dietician feels his diet his adequate for appropriate growth and therefore if his growth remains an issue then it may not be due to his eating problem. His weight gain is starting to increase and she hopes the trend will continue. The goals: include at least two iron rich foods per day and ensure regular meals are given including high fat foods such as oil, cream, full fat dairy products. They are satisfied and a follow up appointment has not been arranged.

I'm feeling slightly smug at this point but still none the wise as to what the true extent of B's problems are and it's back to the drawing board.

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