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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Speech and language initial assessment

B was referred to speech and language in October 2009. He was on the waiting list for a long time and seen on 24 March 2010 (day before his 2nd birthday).

B was referred by his consultant paeditrician for assessment of his communication skills. The following results were recorded.

B can stand but is currently unable to walk unsupported. He is late achieving all his developmental milestones.

Hearing checked and passed. He appears to be hearing. Short attention span but consistent with global developmental delay.

Mimicked using a phone. Hugs a teddy and pretends to feed a doll. B understands familiar routines and situations. Has not yet made link between words and objects. I do Makaton with him but he does not copy.

B says "ga" when he puts a phone to his ear. But otherwise is very quiet.

No concerns regarding his use of language and communication skills.

B's pre-language skills are developing in expected order but are delayed. He needs to be taught everything specifically as he has not learned to generalise.

Encourage pretend play. B would benefit from a group for children at his level and will be placed on list for a group. Then we are given a 'care plan'.

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