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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Return of the poo

I've being trying to get hold of B's paediatrician all week but her email is bouncing and no returned phone call. We haven't seen her at least for a year, possibly longer and in light of his new diagnosis I have many questions to ask her. We are still waiting on results of his EEG, official bloodtest results from the lab, me and hubby's bloodtest results from the genetic lab. I want a copy of his MRI brain scan results which I have never seen.

Also this week fun challenge of collecting another poo sample. This is a difficult task in all ways. It's not fun. I need a 'fresh' sample so within 24 hours. I can't catch his poo at school and I'm not willing to make a request for them to send home a pooey nappy for me to open and retrieve poo. So B this morning decides to provide me a nice sample to collect which I promptly do and then it's a mad dash to the hospital to get it there on time... It's a nasty job but someone has to do it. They give you a tiny scoop and bottle. I can't decide how much to scoop, how much do they need to make a test? And do they want sweetcorn or not?

Sorry if this is too much information (no I'm not sorry you are reading this blog because you are joining me on this adventure all the way - insert maniacal laugh here).

En route to car I bump into sister-in-law herein known as S. S gets roped into the journey with me. I'm going down and I'm taking as many people with me. B is pleased to see S in the car. His happy. It's an hour round trip to hospital in the car and traffic. I'm glad S is keeping me company. The poo in the medic bag is sitting on the back seat. I feel like it's a scene from a movie. We pass a runaway bride in the High Street. She's a long way from the registry office and being comforted by either passers by or family members it's not clear. I feel a bit sorry for her but on with the mission.

We get to the hospital and B knows exactly where he is going. But we get to the children's' OPD and it's closed! I can't believe it. All this trouble and it's closed. I'm determined to get this poo sample off. I do not want to take it home. I don't want to repeat it. We try the children's' ward and collar a nurse. She's sympathetic about the poo and wants to get it to the right department too so she sends it off in one of those awesome sucky tube thingies. We wave goodbye to the poo and head off again. I feel quite relieved that it's finally gone but also wondering WHERE has it gone? That tube could get anywhere in the hospital. S tries to reassure me. It's labelled so that's good. The question now is will I ever get results from this test or will I get a call to repeat it again with a fresh sample. Watch this space..

A t-shirt arrived for B this week that I had ordered especially from eBay. It says 22q13 Google it!

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