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Monday, 18 May 2015

A poem about living with disability

I submitted a poem for Carers UK writing competition with the theme noone should have to care alone.. Try to read it in one breath! wink emoticon
Being the parent of a disabled child is like riding a rollercoaster that never stops!
I’m waiting expectantly in line for the slow and steady big wheel with the mind-blowing view
When suddenly I realise I’m in the wrong queue!
Before I have a chance to argue
I’m being shuffled into a coaster train
The safety bar comes down over my head and squishes my shoulders down
And I’m trapped!
The train lurches forward and I’m thrown involuntarily
Whilst suddenly at amazing speed
I’m plunged into darkness
Being thrown left and right
And forwards and backwards
I try to catch my breath but at every chance
The train dips or climbs…
Everything around me is a blur
But every now and then I see the station looming
And for a fleeting moment I think the coaster might stop!
Stop! Stop! I want to get off
But it doesn’t stop, it speeds right past
Then I feel a hand on mine
Squeezing reassuringly
It’s my partner in crime, husband, father, lover, friend
We’re riding together round every bend
I’m not afraid I’m not alone

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