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Monday, 9 September 2013

EEG test letter

I get a letter this week with details of B's EEG appointment following his discharge from hospital. They reckon the test is not painful or unpleasant and will take about 45 minutes to perform. A had an ECG a while back so I sort of know what to expect. They are going to stick little pads of wires all over his head and monitor his brain behaviour. This is going to be a challenge as B won't sit still - ever. Even when he is asleep he fidgets. They can't knock him out like they did for the MRI because they need to have B awake to get the figures they need. I'm a bit nervous about this appointment. I don't know how it's going to go. B's daddy can't come with me because he is already leaving work to come to B's geneticist appointment later this week. These things all seem to happen at once. It's a busy week with appointments for all the children. B is also due to see CAMHS. Nanny offers to come with me for the appointment which is helpful although I've been informed from when I took A that only one person is allowed in the room at the time.

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