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Monday, 2 September 2013

Hospital discharge

B gets discharged from hospital today With no further fits overnight, staff are happy to let him go home. The principal diagnosis is "febrile convulsion". I'm convinced it's related to his other problems so they put "global developmental delay and social communication disorder" on his discharge form. Investigations are "normal" and we never get the results of his urine culture. He gets a referral for an EEG. I guess they are looking for epilepsy because B is a bit too old for febrile convulsions. My research indicates that seizures are not uncommon in children with abnormal corpus callosum. B is much happier today. When he smiled at me, it was such a relief. He hadn't smiled for 24 hours and I was worried we wouldn't see his happy grin again.

It's a sad day too with mixed emotions. I am missing A's first day at high school. I wanted to be there for him, see him in his new crisp uniform and watch him off to school. It only happens once and I couldn't be there. As a parent you have to make these judgement calls. But it's still horrible choosing between your kids whatever the circumstances. Fortunately for us A is a cool guy who took it all in his stride and B' daddy sent me a picture of A in his uniform looking pleased as punch.

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