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Monday, 23 September 2013

EEG test

Today is the appointment to have B's EEG. B's daddy can't come with us which is okay because I think he is only allowed one person in the room with him anyway. As it happens Nanny can join us which it turns out is really good because it takes two people to pin him down! It's not as bad as it sounds. We arrive for the appointment and B is quite happy. He lies down on the floor in the waiting room and appears to have a little nap. As usual this amuses everyone. I'm used to it. It doesn't phase me any more. He tries to hang his jacket up on the big chair and can't reach. It's so sweet because this is what he has learned to do at school. He copies all his behaviours everywhere he goes whether it's appropriate or not. It's endearing now not sure how endearing it will be when he is twenty and climbing on to my lap for a cuddle. Ho hum. Anyway we don't have to wait long and he is called in to the room. B climbs onto the bed and makes himself comfy before the lady has a chance to say anything assuming he would sit on my lap. She asks him if he would like to watch a DVD. B can't speak so I answer for him (also a habit) I spot a Thomas DVD and I know he would love that so I say Thomas Thomas in an excited voice. How I imagine B would do it if he could talk.

He's quite happy he nestles down on the scrunchy blue giant loo roll blanket sheet and watches the TV screen in front of him. This is going surprisingly well. But as soon as the lady starts to stick the pads on his head his hands whip up and yank them off. This goes on for a while. His fast and stronger than expected! As soon as one gets stuck down he pulls another off. Nanny is plying him with buttons and I'm holding his hands down. It's a three man job but eventually we get the pads on and a hairnet over the top. This actually annoys him even more and he keeps trying to yank it off whilst also watching Thomas. The lady starts the EEG and keeps talking it through with us. It only lasts about 20 minutes then it's all over. The pads come off and I spend the rest of the day picking glue out of his hair. It's not a painful procedure but it was stressful and hot in the room. We wanted them to get the best results especially as I didn't fancy having to repeat this exercise any time soon. I asked if we could have the results straight away and she said no. I guess she got the information she needed but wasn't going to share it with me there and then. More waiting.

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